Kudu Lily


Kudu Lily

Latin Name

Pachypodium saundersii


Kudu Lily is a succulent shrub with a swollen stem and trailing branches armed with spines. The leaves are glossy green in colour with wavy margins. The flowering time of the Kudu Lily is during autumn and white coloured flowers appear.


The Kudu Lily is found in the Lebombo Mountains and other areas in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga – and in neighbouring and Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Field Notes

As the plant is very slow growing it is at a disadvantage with the destruction of its habitat due to human encroachment. It cannot adapt to new conditions quickly enough and in some places it is virtually extinct. Aside from its spectacular beauty it does not have many beneficial features for man. In fact it has toxic properties that pose a danger to livestock

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