Kruger National Park Maps

See handy Kruger National Park Maps to assist in planning your Kruger Park safari.

Kruger Park Main Map

Load a detailed Kruger Park Map showing Camps and Lodge locations, entrance gates, vegetation, roads and routes, around the park, as well as airport locations and the surrounding territory,

This map can be downloaded as a PDF.

Kruger Park Historical Sites Map

Apart from abundant wildlife, Kruger Park is steeped in history. See a Kruger Park historical map detailing places of history to visit.

Kruger Park Camp Maps

For layout maps of all Kruger Park main camps, connecting roads and entrance gates. See this Kruger Park main camps map

Johannesburg to Kruger Park Route Map

This Johannesburg to Kruger National Park map shows the best routes. It also has a table of distances between towns and gates into the park.

Kruger Park Regions Map

The various regions that make up the Kruger National Park are key to understanding the distribution of its wild inhabitants. See a Kruger Park Regions maps

Kruger Park Vegetation Map

This section describes the location of the various camps in relation to the climate and vegetation. LoadĀ the Kruger ParkĀ vegetation map

Kruger Park Geological Map

Kruger National Park is made up different geological regions. See a Kruger National Park geological map showing the geological types found in Kruger.

Kruger Park Cell Phone Coverage Map

Load a Kruger National Park cellphone coverage map showing a rough guide to cell phone reception areas within Kruger Park,

Kruger National Park - South African Safari