Game Drive Map of the Olifants Area

This Kruger Park Map of the Southern Mopaniveld region around Olifants and Letaba will help you plan your game drive safari around the area.

Game Drives in the Olifants Area

The botanically rich, high-rainfall mountainveld of the south-west provides habitat niches for some of Kruger's rarest antelope.

This is the only part of Kruger where the the grey rhebok is found.The south-west is the most mountainous part of Kruger and gets more rainfall than anywhere else in the Park. The granite foothills can be divided into two main habitats - the Malelane mountain veld in the south around Berg-en-Dal and the Pretoriuskop sourveld to the west around Numbi and Pretoriuskop.

Discover the Olifants Area

Game Drive around Olifants in the Southern Mopaneveld

The landscape south of Olifants is unique to this part of Kruger, Olifants rugged veld is a rocky, wooded habitat that is a combination of k...more
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