A Place for All
Kruger National Park

Lions in the road through Kruger Park

The Kruger National Park is one of Africa's greatest wildlife sanctuaries and is quite easily the most accessible and varied of any park, with something to satisfy every taste and interest.

During a trip to the Kruger Park I was parked at a waterhole watching some impalas drinking, and also taking in the behaviour of the people that came and went , and the realisation dawned on me that there was no other place in Africa where people had such freedom of access while at the same time having the opportunity to experience the best of what the African wilderness has to offer.The Kruger Park will always have its detractors who say that the experience has been sterilised, what with tarmac roads and restaurants, but in reality the other parks that are deemed to be true reflections of wilderness are all but closed to most people except for the wealthy and privileged.

Cars and Four Wheel Drive SUV's

The majority of parks and wilderness areas across Africa require off road vehicles to access, something that is not a reality for most who want to experience the wilderness. Kruger, however, offers the opportunity for travellers to enjoy one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in an ordinary family car.Kruger Park is also well mapped and marked, allowing even the most directionally challenged to enjoy the wonders of the park.

Kruger Park - Like Nowhere Else

The Kruger National Park has been the subject of many debates around developing natural areas, and whether it can be deemed a true reflection of wilderness, but what many detractors selfishly overlook is that it is the one place where all can share in the abundance of nature, something that is not practised in old-style ideals. Kruger Park is truly a park for all.

By Leigh Kemp

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