Kruger Park - Beauty in Silence

The vast game rich landscapes of Kruger speak of an ancient land with a rhythm that can be experienced by all who choose to spend time alone in one of the many secret places in the park.

Speeding Through Paradise

For many people who visit Kruger speeding around the park as fast as possible in the hope of seeing as much as possible seems to be the way to enjoy the rhythm of one of Africa's most famous wilderness areas, and for many others who have not spent much time in the park this is their only ideal of Kruger.These visitors do not spend time at waterholes and hides, and if they do it is merely to 'check in' - before speeding off again to some unknown source of energy.

Kruger in Silence

I have often been told that it is not possible to connect to the silence of nature in Kruger, and in truth I was of the same opinion before my Kruger conversion. In reality there is no better place for an experience of nature than in the Kruger.Not only is the park accessible to all, but there are enough places to 'hide away' in the park and get close to the rhythm of nature. Most visitors drive around looking for the best wildlife sightings and avoid the back roads that lead to hides and waterholes. It is these hides that provide for an experience as close to the source of creation as anywhere else.The present game drive philosophy of early out, siesta then out when it is cooler, allows for those who want to experience solitude to enjoy the secret places during the supposedly calmer hours of the day, without being distracted by the madding crowds.

The Beauty in Silence

I have spent many inspirational hours in Kruger, in silence and contemplation, by simply going against the prescribed game drive philosophy.

By Leigh Kemp

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