This Ancient Land
Kruger National Park

Wildebeest in a Dusty Kruger Sunset. L Kemp

The Kruger National Park in South Africa, like other wilderness reserves in Africa, is renowned for its wildlife, but recently the rhythm of ancient times has begun to beat strongly in its vast landscapes.

There was a time when the Kruger Park was visited for the excitement of the wildlife viewing but in the past few years discoveries of great kingdoms and ancient settlements have ensured that the Kruger landscape has become one of the foremost historical regions in Africa.

For some visitors to the Kruger, the heartbeat of an ancient past could be felt in their souls, and in particular in the northern reaches of the park where the landscape is dominated by baobabs, valleys and hills. With the discovery of ancient settlements on hilltops the powerful rhythm seems to have increased in intensity.

Ancient African Kingdoms

More and more discoveries are linking the region of the Kruger to the powerful African Kingdoms that ruled the area historically. Links to ancient trading routes and gold mining are been found. It is now believed that the story of the Queen of Sheba originated from the region.

This history is felt by those who are tuned to the rhythm of the land, and the ancient heartbeat becomes an inspiration in any stay in the park.

A Vast Wilderness

The sheer vastness of the landscapes of Kruger add to the feeling of a land still beating to ancient times. There may be many visitors driving around the park but this does not detract from the idea that Kruger was once part of one of the most powerful African Kingdoms.

The ancient feeling of the place has to experienced firsthand as it is only in the vistas of rocks, hills and valleys that the soul is re-ignited, and the true calling of the area can be experienced.

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