Talamati Bushveld Camp
Kruger National Park, South Africa

Talamati Camp is set in rich grassveld and gives the visitor magnificent views of the large and diverse herds of grazers.
  • 15 Cottages
  • Catering for group functions is available
  • The boma area is an ideal family venue
  • View wildlife at the waterhole from a raised game hide
  • Talamati offers game drives at all hours

Talamati Camp Accommodation

Talamati Camp has 15 secluded, family cottages spread out in a long well-spaced line amongst the trees along the N'waswitsontso River for guests Kruger National Park lodging and accommodation. Talamati Camp, with Family and Guest Cottages, can accommodate a maximum of 80-holiday visitors.

These Kruger National Park lodging units are serviced and towels, bedding, and soap are provided. Solar panels provide electricity for the lights and fans only at Talamati's accommodation. There are refrigerators without freezing compartments, but there is a communal freezer available in the camp.

Talamati Camp forms part of a relatively new concept in bush lodges for Kruger National Park accommodation. Smaller, more luxurious camps are built in the more remote areas of the park. Talamati Camp is private which means that only residents are allowed in Talamati camp and on the access roads to the camp. Each of these smaller camps is situated within easy reach of the larger rest camps so that guests can make use of the larger camps amenities and shops if needed.

If dining outside appeals to you, braai (barbecue) facilities are provided for your Kruger National Park accommodation. The boma area at Talamati Camp could prove the ideal venue for family get-togethers. The boma is situated away from the cottages so other visitors won't be disturbed.

Talamati Camp Wildlife

The open verandahs provide for excellent game viewing and sightseeing right from the comfort of your doorstep. To get closer to nature, there are night drives which enable you to take part in the nocturnal activities of Kruger National Park, in the company of experienced transportation guides and trackers. Also available are guided bush walks, in the company of trained field guides with backup rifles who take groups of up to 8 people out into the bush for a few hours.

Track Rhino, Elephant, and Lion on foot while learning and observing fascinating facts about the African bush. Some of the animals to be seen in the area are Giraffe, Kudu, Eland, Impala, Zebra, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, and Hyena. Animal activity at the water hole is a 24-hour experience so insomniacs can keep an eye out after sunset to spot some of the more elusive nocturnal wildlife coming to drink from their Kruger National Park accommodation lodging.

Talamati means 'lots of water'. Despite the meaning of the name, the river is actually dry. The clay soil, however, acts as a giant sponge holding a vast reservoir of underground water and keeping the vegetation lush all year round. Talamati Camp is situated in a large open valley, affording superb game viewing opportunities. The luxuriant grassveld in the area attracts large herds of grazers, and the predators never lurk too far behind.

Entrance gates and restcamp gates are closed at night. Vacation visitors must ensure that they arrive at the entrance gate in good time to reach the restcamp before closing time.

No permits will be issued for late arrivals.

Talamati Camp Facilities

  • Information at Reception
  • Public Telephones
  • Electricity for appliances
  • Boma: Communal braai (barbecue) area
  • Game Hide; The Bird Hide
  • Mini Shop stocks basic items such as firewood

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