Biyamiti Bushveld Camp
Kruger National Park, South Africa

Wooded, cosy and luxurious, Biyamiti lies close to the old trade-route where Ox-wagons once cut their way through the bushveld on their way to the coast.
  • Biyamiti is an intimate and secluded bush camp
  • Biyamiti Camp provides a lot of historical interest
  • The camp is 25km (15 miles) from Skukuza Airport
  • You have a chance to see the elusive Cheetah on a game drive

Biyamiti Bushveld Camp Accommodation

Comprising of family and guest cottages and situated along the Biyamiti River, the Biyamiti Camp in Kruger Park has been developed within the natural bush, for a comfortable wildlife vacation.

The surrounding vegetation is mixed woodland with heavier growth and sizable trees along the river. Biyamiti offers 15 cosy, family cottages that are spread out in a long well spaced line along the Biyamiti River. All units are serviced daily and supplied with bedding, towels and soap.

The cottages are also all self-catering, which means the more independent campers can appreciate the privacy of cooking themselves. Biyamiti Camp can accommodate a maximum of 70 vacation visitors.

Biyamiti Wildlife

Biyamiti Camp in Kruger Park offers ample opportunity to witness game with various suggested itineraries including game drives, bush walks and night drives. Some of the animals to be seen in the area are Giraffe, Kudu, Duiker, Impala, Steenbok, Elephant, Black and White Rhino, Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Lion, Leopard, Wild Dog and Hyena. There is also the chance of seeing the elusive Cheetah, or a pack of Wild Dog. Be sure to book these activities when confirming accommodation and lodging booking.

Access to Biyamiti Camp is along a 'private-residents only' road that follows the Biyamiti River, which means that it is restricted to holiday visitors who have reserved accomodation in Biyamiti safari camp in Kruger Park, ensuring you an opportunity to enjoy relaxed privacy and safety. Transportation guide tip: Only residents are allowed inside Biyamiti camp and on the access roads to this safari camp in Kruger Park.

History of Biyamiti Camp

Biyamiti Camp also has some historical significance. The spirit of the 'transport riders of old' lives in the Biyamiti area. These intrepid souls, with their wagons and teams of oxen, would battle disease and the elements to transport goods between the interior and the coast. Several of the transport routes passed close to the present day Biyamiti Safari Camp.

When Hungarian entrepreneur, Alois Nellmapius, was contracted to build a better route to Delagoa Bay towards the end of the nineteenth century, he forded the Crocodile River just south of Biyamiti. Trading stores sprang up along the route, one of which was Alf Roberts' Tengamanzi Trading Post near the ford. The ford was used between 1874 and 1892, but fell into disuse after the opening of the railway line to Delagoa Bay.

There was very little military activity in the area of the Park, during the Anglo Boer War (fought between British and Boer forces between 1899 and 1902). One of the few sites, however, lies just west of Nellmapius ford.

Here, on September 16, 1900 Boer forces under the command of General Ben Viljoen destroyed most of their artillery pieces and ammunition to prevent them from falling into the hands of the approaching British army under General Pole-Carew.

Biyamiti Camp Facilities

  • Basic first aid assistance
  • Each accommodation unit has it's own braai (barbecue) facilities
  • Information at Reception
  • Public Telephone
  • Electricity (plug points) for appliances in accommodation units
  • Mini Shop at reception with basic stock items such as firewood, ice and telkom phone cards
  • No food items or meat available at shop

Booking Biyamiti Bushveld Camp

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