Are Buffalo dangerous?

Yes! They are considered one of the most dangerous mammals in Africa. Old and grumpy bulls tend to charge unrepentantly and for no apparent reason.

Buffalo are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and the animal that hunters are most wary of. Buffalo have a reputation of lying in wait for pursuers and charging at the last minute. Old bulls that have left the herd tend to be the more aggressive.

How big are Buffalo really?

A bull matures at the age of eight years. By then their horns are massive. They can weigh up to 900kg (1984 pounds) and grown bulls can stand up to a height of 1.7m and can reach a length of 3.4m.

Is there a difference between a Water Buffalo and a Cape Buffalo?

Cape Buffalo are the wild Buffalo seen when on safari to southern and East Africa whereas the Water Buffalo are domesticated animals seen along the Nile and in Asia. Although looking similar they are different species.
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