Kruger National Park Wildlife Conservation

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In a world where wildlife has become a precious commodity, Kruger National Park Wildlife Conservation has taken on the responsibility of conserving its beautiful bushveld animals and their home. Emphasis is placed on the value of each and every species in the park, and their right to thrive within their natural surroundings without fear of malicious interference from man.

In the recent 2000s, various animals have been under increased pressure from loss of habitat, the international demand for ivory and horn which leads to poaching, and threats of extinction due to climate change variables.

Throughout the Kruger National Park, there are a number of partnerships with leading wildlife organizations that are committed to the conservation of animals under threat. As a guest at one of the park's beautiful safari lodges, you are entering a natural world which is the home of animals, not man. Respect and appreciation for the environment, wildlife and all things natural are important aspects to any safari experience. 

Elephant Management

In and around Kruger National Park (KNP), the issue of elephant management is highly debated, as some scientists argue that there are too many elephants. Learn more...

Lion Conservation in Kruger

Lion Conservation in Kruger National Park is one of the park's many efforts to protect the fierce lion of Africa - the cunning hunter, the family-orientated pack, the adorable cub, and the king of the bushveld.

Rhino Conservation in Kruger

Rhino Conservation in Kruger National Park is an extremely important part of protecting one of the most endangered species in the world. Read more about Rhino Conservation.

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