Big Five Wildlife in Kruger National Park

The ultimate treasures of the South African bushveld are undoubtedly the Big Five Wildlife in Kruger National Park. These iconic animals are the most popular sightings on safari excursions, and both local and international tourists travel from far and wide to see them in their natural habitat.

What is the Big Five in Africa?
The Big Five animals comprise of Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo.

The lion and leopard are the predators of the bunch, who hunt with unmatched grace and stealth, while the majestic elephant is larger than life with gleaming tusks and a large trunk. The buffalo is the unruly, unpredictable herbivore that can usually be seen with its herd, and the stocky rhino can be found lazily munching on the grass near the dense trees of the Kruger Park. 

The Big 5 also makes an appearance on South Africa's currency; they are truly the stars of both the bushveld and the money market. Visitors to Kruger National Park have ample opportunities to spot the beautiful quintuple of African wildlife with daily game drives and walking safaris, run by trained game rangers who will help guests spot the dignified lion, the great elephant, the stubborn buffalo, the sturdy rhino and the elusive leopard.

African Buffalo

African Buffalo herds can have a significant ecological impact on the veld. Learn more about the Buffalo and their interesting behaviour and where they are found in Kruger Park.

African Rhinoceros

Rhinos are bold and have been seen to graze right next to Lions. Find out more about the African Rhinoceros that can be recognised by their prehistoric features.


The Elephant is the world's largest land mammal, and weighs up to 7 tonnes. Find out more about this large mammal that can live to a potential age of 70 years.


The Leopard is the second largest of Africa's large Cats. Find out where to view Leopards in South Africa as well as their habitat and behaviour.


South Africa offers some of the best opportunities to view lions in their natural habitat. Learn more about the mighty Lion that prey mainly on large animals.

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