FAQ on Leopards

The Leopard is a solitary member of the big cats. It is often confused with the Cheetah, but it is easily recognised by its panther-like features.

Does a leopard have enemies?

The biggest enemy of the leopard is the bigger and stronger lion. Although the leopard has the advantage of dexterity, the lion has been known to climb up a tree after a leopard.

The Lion is probably the biggest enemy of the Leopard and a fight to the death will ensue when they come into contact. Hyenas and Baboons have also been known to attack and kill Leopards, in particular the young cubs.

Why do leopards climb trees?

This technique is used to survey the surrounding area for food, stay cool in the shade, store their prey and, most importantly, escape potential danger.

Where are Leopards found?

Leopard are found in riverine forest throughout the Kruger National Park. The highest populations occur along the Sabie River.
Leopards are found in a range of habitats throughout Africa and are widespread in the Kruger National Park with the highest populations occurring in the riverine forests along the Sabie River.

More Leopard Facts

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