Kruger Park | Nwatimhiri Road (S21)

Guinea Fowl.

Ornithologists and avid bird watchers are recommended to keep an eye out for the African hawk eagle which can be spotted in this environment.

Nwatimhiri Road (S21) traverses along Nwatimhiri River past Siyalu Koppie (341m), and onto Nhlotini and the Nwatimhiri pans; through the Sabie and Crocodile are thorn thickets on granite. The bush alongside the road is fairly thick so it's best to drive slowly if you want to see the game.

Both black and white Rhino can be found around here. There is a particularly good 3 km (1.8 miles) loop road off the Lower Sabie Road (H4-1) and the Nwatimhiri Causeway (S79), taking you through beautiful riverine bush. Ornithologists and avid bird watchers alike are recommended to keep an eye out for the African hawk eagle in this environment.

Interesting Fact:

The only sign for human habitation are the Blue Gums that are over 100 years old. The Blue Gums have not been chopped down by Park Authorities because of their vintage. The other choice from Bume Road is to head towards Skukuza on the S114 or back eastwards along the Nwatimhiri Road (S21) towards the Sabie River.

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