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Find out all you need to know about the best game viewing routes in Kruger Park. For the self drive safari enthusiast, Here is a comprehensive selection of maps, numbered routes and roads and the main attractions or high-lights of each area.

You can also find out what wildlife or bird life is most predominant in each area, so that you can be prepared to look out for them.
  • Elephant in the distant Olifants river. Hilton-Barber

    Explore Olifants and Letaba

    The Olifants River is generally accepted as the divide between southern and northern Kruger. To the south the vegetation is dominated by bushwillow. To

  • Central grassland rhino. Heinrich van den Berg

    Explore the Central Grasslands

    The central grasslands have the highest lion population in Kruger. That's because of the availability of prey. The nutritious grasses support some of the

  • Impala on Parfuri Road. Albert Froneman

    Explore the Far North

    The far north of Kruger is unique. This is because it is in the tropics, and the geological base is sandstone rather than the granites and basalt

  • Buffalo hewrd arriving at a river. Hilton-Barber

    Explore the North

    The northern expanse of mopaneveld north of Letaba to the Shingwedzi alluvial flood plains has fewer animals than most other parts of the Park

  • Leopard with Kill. Heinrich van den Berg

    Explore the Skukuza Area

    The Sabie River bush between Skukuza and Lower Sabie has one of the highest concentrations of leopard in the world.

  • Warthog wallowing. Michael Poliza.

    Explore the South East

    There's more chance of seeing the Big Five in the south-east of the Park than just about anywhere else in Kruger. Water is available all year round

  • Sable antelope. Nigel Dennis.

    Explore the South West

    The botanically rich, high-rainfall mountainveld of the south-west provides habitat niches for some of Kruger's rarest antelope. This is the only part of

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