Jamesons Red Rock Rabbit


Now known as Jameson's Red Rock Hare [Pronolagus randensis]


This species has a fine, silky fur which is grizzled rufous-brown on the upper parts of the body. It has a whitish chin and slightly lighter fur on the ventrum. The sides of the neck, lower jaw and cheeks are light grey in colour.

They have large reddish-brown, black tipped tails. The large ears are sparsely haired and sometimes are tipped with black. An adult weighs about 2.3 kg.


Feeds only at night. Deposits faecal pellets in regularly used middens which can attain a meter in diameter and 100 mm in depth.


Very little is known about its breeding habits, but it would appear to breed throughout the year and that females give birth to one to two young per litter.


Active by night, remaining in hiding during the day. Solitary in habits, although sometimes seen in groups comprising of a female and her young. An oestrus female is often followed by courting males. Patches of thick vegetation and rocky shelters on mountainous terrain are used to lie up during the day.

Where they are found

In South Africa this rabbit occurs only in the northwestern region, along the eastern border of Botswana, and from there further northwards into Zimbabwe. Also known from Namibia.
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