Kruger National Park Historical Landmarks

© Nigel Dennis
Stevenson Hamilton memorial in Kruger National Park.

As the Kruger National Park is revered for its rich diversity of wildlife and continued conservation efforts, guests are encouraged to not only enjoy the natural scenery but to also visit the Kruger National Park Historical Landmarks.

History enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with a number of monuments, memorials, gravesites, and objects of importance on display throughout the park that dates back to the 19th century. 

Unlock the secrets of Kruger National Park by stepping into its past and viewing one-of-a-kind, distinctive landmarks that made the renowned park what it is today. Many of the spots are located close to the park's accommodation facilities, so whether guests are staying over or embarking on a day trip, Kruger Park's fascinating history is but a short distance away,

History of Skukuza Camp

The Kruger Tablets on the road to Tshokwane commemorate Paul Kruger, President of the Zuid-Afrikaanse Republiek, who was responsible for the...more

Stols Nek

An early family to be associated with the area were the Stols'. They were famous hunters and wagon makers from the White River area, during ...more

Prospectors Graves

Skukuza Restcamp is also home to some Prospector's graves. Many of the graves from the gold rush days are unnamed. Most face east to west bu...more


This site is situated some 11km from the Phalaborwa Gate, on the road to Letaba. As the letters PI-NE appear on the trigonometric beacon, it...more

Kruger Memorial

Naturally, Paul Kruger is, himself, memorialised at the Park, both with the Kruger Monument (at the Kruger Gate), and the Kruger memorial ta...more

Dukes Windmill

Perhaps as an acknowledgement of the importance of water, Duke's windmill, was also named after one of Kruger National Park's earliest range...more

Rabelais Gate

The Original hut at Rabelais' gate is still preserved. This was the original entrance gate to the central region, on to the old Orpen road t...more

Sardellis Store

Sardelli's store is another such ruin. Sardelli was a trader who ran a shack in the Lebombo near the Zenga-Zenga Mountain. He brewed and sol...more

De Laportes Windmill

De Laporte's Windmill is situated approximately 7 kilometres from Skukuza on the Naphe Road to Pretoriuskop. It too, (perhaps surprisingly) ...more

Struben Cottage

The historical Struben Family Cottage in Skukuza is named for the Struben brothers, Fred and Harry. They arrived in South Africa from German...more

Von Wielligh Baobab

There is an historical Baobab tree near the confluence of the Olifants and Letaba Rivers. The Von Wielligh Baobab tree can be found about 8k...more
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