Red Grass, Rooi Gras

© Red Grass, Rooi Gras

Latin Name

Themeda triandra


Red Grass is resistant to fire, and will increase when veld is burned regularly, if overgrazing does not take place. Red Grass is a good indicator of veld in a healthy condition.


Length up to 1,5 m. A tufted perennial with 8 mm leaf blades. The inflorescence is a false panicle of drooping, V-shaped spikes. The grass is palatable in summer, but turns red and brittle in winter.


Red Grass is abundant in undisturbed open grassland and bushveld in parts with an average high rainfall. It is particularly common at an altitude of 1 300 - 3 000 m above sea level. It grows in any type of soil, but mostly in clay soil. Red Grass is found throughout southern and east Africa and in many countries around the world.


October - July.

Field Notes

Red Grass is one of the most important species for farmers as it is nutritious for stock - and it also provides food for a number of bird species. Commonly known by its Afrikaans name, Rooi Gras, in South Africa.

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