Fine Thatching Grass

Latin Name

Hyparrhenia filipendula


It offers palatable grazing early in the season, but its palatability decreases as the grass matures. It is slightly more palatable than other thatching grasses (Hyparrhenia species), however. It is a good thatching grass.


Fine Thatching Grass is a perennial that is up to 2 m tall. Fine Thatching Grass is a perennial grass. Utilization of this grass is by all tall-grass feeders. Pairs of raceme have one or two long, thin, brown awns. Racemes are short and are borne in pairs; they are light in colour and are usually taller than surrounding grasses.


Fine thatching grass is mostly found in bushveld regions, but also in open grassland. It is found in all types of soil. In areas with a low rainfall it grows in damp places. It is often found on roadsides.


November - April in South Africa

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