Foxtail Buffalo Grass

Latin Name

Cenchrus ciliaris


It is a good grazing grass with a high leaf production and palatability. The palatability, however, decreases as the plant matures. Foxtail Buffalo Grass is, however, difficult to establish in clay soil, but once established, grows well.


Length up to 1 m. Tufted perennial with 8 mm leaf blades. Inflorescence is a dense cylindrical spike. This type of grass is palatable and is favoured by grazing herbivores. The spikelets are surrounded by many wavy bristles which arise from a short stalk.


Foxtail Buffalo Grass grows in dry, warm parts. It grows in all types of soil, but mostly in sandy soil and other well drained soil types. Widespread across Southern and Central Africa and the Mediterranean.


August - April in Southern Africa

Field Notes

Foxtail Buffalo Grass is a drought resistant species found in more arid regions and the species has been imported to countries such as Australia where it is an important fodder grass

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