LM Grass, Berea Grass

© LM Grass, Berea Grass

Latin Name

Dactyloctenium australe


It is planted to stabilise sand both inland and at the coast. LM grass is palatable and is well utilised by animals, although it is not very leafy. LM Grass is known and popular particularly as an evergreen lawn grass for gardens.


LM Grass is a creeping perennial grass which thrives in shade and is the most popular lawn grass in south African gardens. The inflorescence has 2 or 3 spikes at the tip. Leaves are dark green and shiny with sparsely distributed hairs on the margins.


Under natural conditions grows in savanna areas, usually in shade in sandy soil. LM grass is found widely in South Africa - in gardens and in the veld.


January - May.

Field Notes

LM grass is probably named after the colonial name of the capital city of Mozambique, Lorenzo Marques, as it is common across the country. It is now by a number of regional names but the more common commercial name is Berea Grass.

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