Common Finger Grass

Latin Name

Digitaria eriantha


It is a palatable grass that is regarded as one of the best natural and cultivated pastures (the best known cultivar is Smuts finger grass) in southern Africa. It remains palatable until late in the winter and is often utilised as standing hay.


Length up to 1.8 m. Tufted perennial with 14 mm leaf blades. An inflorescence with 3 to 15 spikes, in one or two whorls, can be seen at the culm tip. The lower part of the plant is usually hairy.


Common Finger Grass grows in sandy and gravelly soil in the more arid parts and in damp soil such as beside vleis in areas with a high rainfall. Common Finger Grass is found throughout Southern Africa.


January - April

Field Notes

Common Finger Grass is a much-cloned species with regional varieties including Smuts Finger Grass, Digit Grass and Pongola Grass

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