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There are more than 250 species of monkey in the world, ranging in size from the Pigmy Marmoset at 15 cm to the Mandril at almost a meter in height. There is still some confusion as to the definition of the monkey and ape and differing categorisations are used by different organisations.Monkeys have provided endless hours of fascination for guests on safari in Africa, what with their mischievous and at times almost human-like habits. They are certainly great entertainers but they can also be a nuisance when associating humans with food.Stories of monkeys becoming a problem around lodges and campsites in Africa are common with kitchens and tents been raided for food. Once a problem starts with monkeys in an area it is virtually impossible to stop as the trait is passed down with each generation.

Monkey Species in South Africa

Possibly the most widespread Monkey in Africa is the Vervet Monkey, also learn more about the Samango Monkey

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