Thomas Hart

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Thomas Hart was a ‘stationmaster' on trade route to Delagoa Bay who was shot at the age of 22.The somewhat rough and ready times of the Trade Route, are also remembered at Thomas Hart's grave. Hart was a 'stationmaster' on trade route to Delagoa Bay. He died on 22 August 1876 at the age of 22.

One day a party of armed locals came up to his door, and in angry terms told him that a few days preciously some white men at Pretoriuskop had met a member of their tribe who was in possession of a rifle. The whites had taken the rifle from him in what was an unjustifiable manner. The man naturally returned to his kraal and told his story.

Instantly a party had set out in pursuit of the offenders, but had been unable to find them. However, they were convinced that the thieves were connected to Hart. They told him to give up his rifle in exchange for the one that has been stolen from them. Hart refused, and was shot through the head.
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