Black Backed Jackal

Black Backed Jackal.

  1. Black Backed Jackal


Black-backed Jackals [Canis mesomelas]


Black backed Jackals are a widely distributed species that are known for their cunning and daring. They are often seen nipping in to steal a morsel from Lions on a kill. Mainly nocturnal but seen regularly during the day, this handsome animal has a call to remember. The Black-backed Jackal feeds on small mammals, reptiles, birds, eggs, carrion and fruit. They do scavenge but are hunters in their own right.

Vital Statistics

Weight (Female)
5, 5 - 10 kg
Weight (Male)
6, 8 - 11, 4 kg
Length (Female)
110 cm
Length (Male)
110 cm
Gestation Period
2 months
No of Young
1 - 6 pups


1 - 6 (rarely 9) young are born from July - October after a gestation period of about 2 months.

Spoor Description

Neat, small, dog-like tracks 5 cm long.

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