Africa Grass Guide

Leopard Tortoise

Cats Tail

The inflorescence of Cats Tail is sometimes used in flower arrangements. Due to the few leaves, it is seldom grazed. It is sometimes a weed in disturbed places, but is easy to control mechanically...
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Common Finger Grass

Common Finger Grass length up to 1.8 m. Tufted perennial with 14 mm leaf blades. An inflorescence with 3 to 15 spikes, in one or two whorls, can be seen at the culm tip. The lower part of the plant is usually hairy. ...
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Creeping Bristle Grass

The Creeping Bristle Grass grows up to a height of 0,5 m. A short, perennial creeping grass, or sometimes a tufted grass. Rhizomes are short. Leaves are mostly concentrated at the base. ...
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Curly Leaf

Length up to 1 m. The broad Curly Leaf is a perennial grass. Dry leaves are open and curled. Inflorescence is a panicle with the lower branches arranged in a whorl...
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Fine Thatching Grass

Length up to 2 m tall. Fine Thatching Grass is a perennial grass. Utilization of this grass is by all tall-grass feeders. Pairs of raceme has one or two long, thin...
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Foxtail Buffalo Grass

Foxtail Buffalo Grass length up to 1 m. Tufted perennial with 8 mm leaf blades. Inflorescence is a dense cylindrical spike. This type of grass is palatable and is favoured by grazing herbivores. [more information]

Guinea Grass

Tufted perennial with 30 mm leaf blades. Inflorescence is an open panicle. Guinea Grass are highly palatable and favoured by all grazing herbivores. Spikelets are green to purple...
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LM Grass

A creeping perennial grass which thrives in shade and is the most popular lawn grass in Lowveld gardens. The inflorescence of LM Grass has 2 or 3 spikes at the tip. Leaves are dark green...
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Nine Awned Grass

Nine Awned Grass length up to 1 m. The leaves and culms are covered with dense, velvety hairs. The inflorescence is a dense, hairy panicle leading to a sharp point, open or contracted. The nodes are densely hairy...
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Red Grass

Red Grass length up to 1,5 m.A tufted perennial with 8 mm leaf blades. The inflorescence is a false panicle of drooping, V-shaped spikes. The grass is palatable in summer, but turns red and brittle in winter...
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Spear Grass

Length up to 1 m. Spear Grass is a perennial and quite a fast-growing grass. Utilization is by most grazers. Inflorescence a single green raceme (often hairy) with long, brown, velvety, intertwined awns. Leaf...
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Stinking Grass

A perennial tufted grass with a spreading, shrub-like growth form (not erect). The leaves and inflorescences of Stinking Grass are aromatic when crushed. The leaves are blue-green...
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Vlei Bristle Grass

A densely perennial tufted grass with short, thick rhizomes. Inflorescence of Vlei Bristle Grass is a dense, spike-like panicle, often with a sharp point. Leaf sheath is long and round. It occurs throughout tropical Africa. ...
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Yellow Thatching Grass

Tall, tufted perennial with 12 mm leaf blades. Yellow Thatching Grass length up to 3 m. Inflorescence are purplish-red with yellow awns. Leaf sheath has prominent auricles, with unbranched culms...
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