Africa Lizard Guide
Kruger Park Reptiles

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The fascinating, yet sometimes misunderstood lizards of Africa are unique and diverse in shape, size and colour. The Africa Lizard Guide is the ideal source of information pertaining to these scaly and tiny reptiles who are often found sunning on a rock or scavenging for insects through the dusty hills of the bushveld. 

The Kruger National Park is home to various colorful lizards and geckos who are hard to find but fantastic to glimpse while on a guided safari walk or game drive. If you are a reptilian enthusiast, ask your game ranger to point out the park's small and elusive cold-blooded animals who you'll probably see on a sunny rock or shaded tree. 

Black Lined Plated Lizard

A large, thick-bodied plated lizard with a large, robust head. The back is reddish-brown with well-defined, black-edged, yellow dorsolatera...more

Flap Neck Chameleon

The Flapped-Necked Chameleon is a large chameleon with a continuous crest of small, white, triangular tubercles on the throat and belly...more

Giant Plated Lizard

The Giant Plated Lizard is a large lizard with a flattened head and body. In adults, the back is dark brown to black. The throat is dirty wh...more

Lizard Classification

It is necessary to view our lizards in the context of all the species of reptiles that inhabit the world. The world's 6550 species of repti...more

Ornate Sandveld Lizard

A large sandveld lizard with a blotched pattern in adults. Juveniles are blackish-brown on the back with 3 white longitudinal stripes. Adu...more

Rainbow Skink

Five-Lined Mabuya, Rainbow Skink or Rainbow – Mabuya [Trachylepis quinquetaeniata]. The Five-lined Mabuya is a large, beautifully coloured...more

Rough Scaled Plated Lizard

Sudan Plated Lizard, Great Plated Lizard or Rough-scaled Plated Lizard [Gerrhosaurus major]. The Sudan Plated Lizard is a large, stout lizar...more

Southern Tree Agama

Southern Tree Agama, Black-necked Agama or Blue-throated Agama [Acanthocercus atricollis]. A very large agama with a broad head. Breeding m...more

Spotted Sandveld Lizard

Spotted Sandveld Lizard [Nucras intertexta]. A large sandveld lizard, usually with a spotted back and an orange-brown tail. The back is lig...more

Spotted Thick Toed Gecko

Thick-Toed Gecko or Spotted Gecko [Pachydactylus maculates]. A small, gentle gecko with a fat body and a rounded snout. The back is grey to ...more

Striped Skink

Striped Skink, African Striped Skink [Trachylepsis striata]. This medium-sized skink has a window in each of the lower eyelids. The ear open...more

Sundevalls Writhing Skink

Sundevalls Writhing Skink [Lygosoma sundevalli]. The body of this small burrowing skink is light brown to grey, usually with a dark spot at ...more

Variable Skink

Variable Skink (Mabuya varia) - A medium-sized skink with a rounded snout and a window in each lower lid. Colouration is variable; the back ...more

Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko

The Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko is a large velvet gecko. The back is light to dark grey-brown, usually with irregular pale and dark crossbars, an...more

Whitethroated Monitor

The White-throated Monitor is a very large, stout lizard with strong, stocky limbs and sharp claws. The head has a bulbous snout, with slit-...more
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