Lebombo Aloe

Lebombo Aloe
Lebombo Aloe

Vital Statistics

Latin Name
Aloe Spicata
Short-stemmed aloe with narrow, strap-like leaves; the leaves are pale green or brick-red in colour when in full sun. They are also sharply toothed on the margins and are very juicy with a yellowish, slimy sap. The sap has been used to treat stomach ailments for many centuries. The succulent leaves also store water to enable the plants to survive drought. The flowers are carried on stout stems and are more or less tubular in shape. The flowering time is during winter when yellow flowers are in erect spikes. The plants are protected from grazing by fierce thorns and bitter sap.
Grows on cliffs and rocks. Mainly found in the Northern Province and Kruger National Park.

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