Glasswort Samphire

Glasswort Samphire
Glasswort Samphire

Glasswort Samphire
Latin Name
Sarcocornia perennis
Forms mats low on estuarine saltmarshes.

Description : A sprawling perennial succulent. Stems jointed; no obvious leaves. Flowers tiny, arranged in threes at stem nodes. Size: 30 mm tall. Related Species: Sarcocornia littorea (Namaqualand - Agulhas) is up to 1 m tall, has a thick woody stem, and grows on rocky shores above the high-tide mark. Sarcocornia pillansii (whole coast) forms shrubs at the upper levels of saltmarshes. Stems thick, flat; each joint ends in a gondola-like tip. Salicornia meyeriana (Namaqualand-Durban) is an annual and thus has a very short tap-root; forms low bushes with slender, woody branches in the upper zones of estuarine marshes. Flowers arranged in threes.

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