Flame Lily

Flame LilyFlame Lily

Vital Statistics

Latin Name
Gloriosa Superba
A climbing herb with glossy leaves which have twining tips which coil onto nearby bushes, in this way the plant can use other plants as a support. The plant grows from an underground tuber, which is able to survive the dry season. The creeping stems, however, die off completely after fruiting. The flowers have flame-like petals and outstretched stamens. The petals are crisped along the margins and curled backwards to form rounded cage-like flowers. The colour of the flowers range from yellowish green to bright red with yellow margins. The Flame Lily grows up to a height of 1 m.
The Flame Lily sprawls over rocks or low bushes. Prefers savanna and thickets. Grows in the Northern Province and the Kruger National Park.
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