Grey Plover

Grey Plover
Grey Plover

Grey Plover
Latin Name
Pluvialis squatarola
30 cm
Singly or in flocks on tidal flats, secluded seashores; occasionally inland.
Being a summer migrant from the Palaearctic to salt water marshes, tidal mud-flats and lagoons. Further up the warmer western coast, they will remain through the winter.
Bird Call
Their call is a pleasant far-carrying 'tlui-tlui'.
The Grey Plover does not breed in the south-western Cape.
Adult Description
The size, high forehead, short bill and long legs, distinguishes this Plover from other waders. In summer plumage the underparts from the chin to lower belly are totally black, bordered by a broad white margin; the back is darker so that the white markings show up more. Black spots appear first on the chest and belly.
Common summer visitor, a few all year.
Occur along the entire south-western Cape coastline.

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