Cape Wagtail

Cape Wagtail
Cape Wagtail

Cape Wagtail
Latin Name
Motacilla capensis
18 cm
Usually near fresh water or coastal lagoons but has also adapted to city parks and gardens.
Bird Call
A clear, ringing 'tseee-chee-chee' call and a whistled, trilling song.
Eggs 2 - 4, usually 3, up to 5 and 7 have been recorded; dull yellowish more or less indistinctly finely speckled with brownish. Incubation by both sexes 13 - 14 days.
Immature Description
Young has the head brown like the back, underparts brownish and the wing-coverts tipped white.
Adult Description
This common bird is unmistakable with its grey-brown upperparts, dark band across chest and white outer tail-feathers. No white on secondaries.
Common resident.
From Kenya and the eastern Congo southwards to the Cape.

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