Cape Wagtail

Cape Wagtail

Cape Wagtail
Latin Name
Motacilla capensis
18 cm
Usually near fresh water or coastal lagoons but has also adapted to city parks and gardens.
Bird Call
A clear, ringing 'tseee-chee-chee' call and a whistled, trilling song.
Eggs 2 - 4, usually 3, up to 5 and 7 have been recorded; dull yellowish more or less indistinctly finely speckled with brownish. Incubation by both sexes 13 - 14 days.
Immature Description
Young has the head brown like the back, underparts brownish and the wing-coverts tipped white.
Adult Description
This common bird is unmistakable with its grey-brown upperparts, dark band across chest and white outer tail-feathers. No white on secondaries.
Common resident.
From Kenya and the eastern Congo southwards to the Cape.

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