Kruger National Park Birding Guide

Black Chested Snake Eagle.
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A Guide to Kruger Park birds and birding in Kruger National Park. Generally, camps and waterholes are the best places for bird-watching.

Kruger Birding GuideThe information presented here is an overview.
See our Kruger Birding Guide for detailed descriptions of all the best driving routes, birding calendars and bird habitat maps.


Late summer (January and February) is an excellent time for birding in Kruger, compensating for the poor wildlife visibility at this time of the year. Kruger attracts a diversity of birds because it straddles so many eco-zones.

The most rewarding birding in Kruger National Park experiences are probably on the guided wilderness walking trails.

Among the more prominent raptors are the Bateleur Eagle, Brown Snake Eagle, African Fish Eagle and Tawny Eagle. Colourful species include Lilac Breasted Rollers, Bee-Eaters, Kingfishers, Weavers and Starlings.

Water birds abound along river banks and waterholes, while the grey louries and hornbills are a common sight in the bush. Essential equipment is a pair of good binoculars (7 x 35 and 8 x 48 are good).

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