Images of a Great African Park. Antelope

Sable Antelope  Graham Cooke Impala herd at the stream. Impala herd in formation.
Impala running across the plains.  Impala displaying its horns. The impala is dextrous enough to elude many predators.
The male impala has curved horns. A female kudu drinking from a stream. The nyala is remarkable due to its distinct markings.
Roan antelope greeting. The Sable has white markings on its face. Waterbuck drinking
The female waterbuck is without horns. Waterbuck with short straight horns. Waterbuck has distinctive markings.
Wildebeest kicks up its hind legs. Male wildebeest locking horns. Wildebeest males ready to clash.
Wildebeest compete for territory.

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