Images of a Great African Park. Birdlife

Pink Backed Pelican  Nigel Dennis A black shouldered kite soaring. Reed cormorant and blackwinged stilt.
Burchells Coucal and Blue Waxbill. Egyptian geese have a beautiful pattern. Egyptian geese are not uncommon in this area.
Distinctive red and black colours of  the ground hornbill. A hamerkop nest up in the tree. The hamerkop in its nest.
A tiny hamerkop looking for a meal. Greenbacked Heron and Martial Eagle. A perched yellow billed hornbill.
The marabou stork is one of the largest of the species. Redbilled oxpeckers on a giraffe. Crested Barbet and Glossy Starling.
The saddle billed-stork is adept at catching smaller creatures. The saddle billed-stork making ready to catch its prey. Scarlett Chested Sunbird and Lilac Breasted Roller.
The white backed vulture are a common sighting. A collection of weaver nests in a tree. The yellow billed stork preys on creatures in the river.

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