Safari Review | Singita Sweni Safari Lodge, Kruger National Park

An exterior view of the lodge.
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An African honeymoon safari at Singita Sweni provides all the elements of a perfect romantic getaway.
By Carrie Hampton

Riverine Forest Accommodation

Like its sister lodge, Singita Lebombo, at the top end of the gorge, Singita Sweni Lodge's six suites are erected on dark timber decks supported by stilts. But, unlike Lebombo, Sweni, nestled in a riverine forest, has a particularly African feel. Khaki browns and olive-green safari colours are present, but their application departs from convention: large comfortable sofas have been covered in utilitarian green tent canvas.

Decor and Design

Singita Sweni offers just the right quantities of privacy and mingling with other guests in a luxury retreat of only six suites.
The stark lines of the mosquito nets around the beds are tempered by a cascade of green and grey seeds at the head of each bed and orange lampshades that soften the evening light. Every touch somehow blends with the environment, yet demands attention by its very difference.

A Tropical Feel amidst the African Bush

Spiky, cactus-like euphorbia trees are a significant feature of the landscape and of Sweni Lodge in particular. Several of these large succulents grow through the wooden decks, creating something of a tropical feel here in the bushy heart of Kruger National Park.

Wildlife Encounters

The area has a variety of creamy-golden rocky outcrops, woodlands opening to grassy pastures, deep river valleys and a plateau reaching eastward to the Mozambican border - all of which are home to a multitude of African animals, including a resident pride of twenty lions, which you may well encounter.

Singita Sweni Lodge.

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