Discover the Grasslands from Orpen to Satara and Lebombo

Discover the Kruger Park Grasslands. From Orpen Gate to Satara, Skukuza, Olifants and Lebombo and Mluwati Concession. With detailed descriptions and maps of game viewing routes.
  • Buffalo on the move. Nigel Dennis

    Orpen Gate

    Buffalo are found throughout the Park, but do particularly well in the central grasslands. There are approximately 31 000 buffalo in Kruger, living in

  • Elephants playing. Nigel Dennis

    Orpen to Olifants

    The most direct route between Orpen and the northern camps of Olifants and Letaba is the highly-recommended Timbavati Road (S39). Alternatively one may

  • Buffalo at the river. Nigel Dennis

    Orpen to Satara

    The most direct route from Orpen Gate to Satara is the tarred H7. One can include the Rabelais Loop dust road (S106). The closest water hole to Orpen

  • Timbavati's white lions.

    Orpen to Skukuza

    Orpen to Skukuza The most direct route between Orpen and Skukuza is the Nhlanguleni Road (S36), the dust road that bypasses Tshokwane and joins up with

  • The odd zebra. Nigel Dennis

    Satara and Surrounds

    Satara is good lion country and sightings of these magnificent beasts are possible on any of the roads around the camp. The surrounding area is at

  • Mating lions. Michael Poliza

    Satara to Olifants

    The most direct route between Satara Rest Camp and Olifants Rest Camp is the H1-4 tarred road. However, an interesting alternative is to take the S40

  • Baboon eating leaves from the tree.

    Satara to the Lebombo

    The grasslands to the east of Satara are rich in game because of the nutritious grazing associated with the underlying basalt. There are two main roads

  • Fleeing Impala. African Wilderness

    The Central Lebombo

    The central Lebombo has a wide variety of animal life because of the different habitats. From far away the rugged hills seem featureless, but as one gets

  • Grasslands before a storm. Heinrich van den Berg

    The Mluwati Concession

    The Mluwati Concession is a 10 000-ha private reserve east of Talamati some 40km from Orpen Gate. It has three luxury camps which overlook the beautiful

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