A Kruger Park Ranger's Photo Diary

I hope other road users understand that this a 'one way' street.
Had to deal with a little flooding en route.
Luckily parking isn't a problem in our quiet neighbourhood.
Crumbs! the pizzaria is on the top floor - where’s the lift?
The view's brilliant, just a little worried about the sagging ceiling.
I presume the builder never heard of a spirit level, but still, it's great.
Just one more cluttered alley to cross to get to the pizzeria.
Couldn't find the lifts, but the view was worth taking the stairs.
No, you are not seeing things, they really do serve pizza up here.
Unfortunately, the previous tenants were a bit heavy-handed on the crockery.
Man, this cold water pool is cold!
This heated pool is more to my liking.
Shoppers at the fruit stall across the road tasting before they buy.
A family taking a walk in a quiet suburb across the valley.
Eventually, you have to get off the quiet back roads and back onto the busy freeway to get home.
Yes, when we go out we also have a security risk, only difference is yours shoot and ours bite.

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