Pocket Money For Poaching Prevention

When Robin Cook saw the first tin pleading for donations for the anti-poaching programmes in the Park he was hooked. Since that day in Mopani Rest Camp, a significant portion of his pocket money has been saved and found its way to the anti-poaching fund at Mopani every year.

The honorary rangers in Johannesburg heard about his passion and tangible support for the Park and stepped in to prove their appreciation by presenting him with his own anti-poaching saving can at assembly on the last day of school in 2004. He was a Grade six pupil at Northcliff Primary School at the time.

On receiving the can he promptly emptied his pockets and deposited the cash in the money tin. The rest of the school followed suit. Robin and his family visited Kruger over the festive season where they stayed at Mopani Camp.

He was delighted to spend time with Johann Oelofse, section ranger at Mooiplaas, and enjoyed the drives in the Johann's 4x4 vehicle into the no entry roads, as well as the walks and informative talks on the way. He appreciated the opportunity to see what rangers do and how they help save wildlife in general. At this stage in his life he wants to become a veterinarian, specialising in wildlife.

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