Minister Wants Big Seven

South Africa will soon be boasting the Big Seven, when the shark and the whale are added to the already well-know Big Five tourist attractions in the country reports Vivian Warby of Bua News.

Minister of water and environmental Affairs Buyelwa Sonjica announced this on July 18, when briefing media shortly before her budget vote in Parliament. The minister said this was "a very significant move for tourism as we will become the only country in the world to boast a Big Seven.

"We will be marketing these animals - sharks and whales - to the whole world. It will have a significant impact on tourism," she said.

She said, on the basis of available science, South Africa has significant numbers of species in the top ocean predators such as the shark and the whale. "On that basis we will add these two species to the Big 5 and then have a resultant Big 7."

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