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Ten decks at Satara and Tambotie are in the process of being rejuvenated.

Decks to be renewed at Satara and Tambotie

Ten decks at Satara and Tambotie are in the process of being rejuvenated. Saligna wood impregnated with Tanalith E is being used for the decks. The tanalith is applied usimg a vacuum process, and protects the wood from insects and fungal attack, which would cause the wood to deteriorate rapidly. Tanalith E is considered to be an eco-friendly wood preservative. Komkor Kombuise has subcontracted Tzantim to do the work. Once the wood has been installed it will be stained dark brown and coated with a wax-based sealant that will repel water and prevent the wood from cracking, further extending the decks' lifespan.

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  • Kindly take note that effective immediately ALL lighters are prohibited from carriage on passengers or checked cabin baggage on USA flights. Normal safety matches (to a limit of not exceeding 4x books) may however still be carried on person only
  • New baggage standards were introduced worldwide (from 1 September 2004), including at SA airports - the weight of one piece of baggage may not exceed 32 kg. The maximum weight limit relates only to single items of luggage and does not affect your overall baggage allowance, which is determined by each individual airline. The size of your baggage also has its limits: it needs to be no more than 900mm in length, 720mm in height, and 450mm in width
  • Domestic animals travelling on the services of SAA as checked baggage must be older than 8 weeks and may not travel in the aircraft cabin
  • Your one piece of hand luggage should be no more than 23cm wide, 52cm long and 40cm high, and its weight should not exceed 7kg
  • The first giant A380 Super-jumbo recently took to the air - successfully completing a first flight that lasted three hours and 54 minutes. After landing, the crew confirmed that the new aircraft and engines had handled as anticipated. Moments after emerging from the cockpit of the A380 after its successful first flight, chief test pilot Jacques Rosay said flying the world's biggest passenger jet had been "like handling a bicycle

This aircraft is very, very easy to fly." For its first flight, the A380 took off at a weight of 421 tonnes / 928.300 lbs, the highest ever of any civil airliner to date. This maiden flight marks the beginning of a rigorous test flight campaign involving five A380s and some 2 500 flight hours. It will culminate in the aircraft's certification followed by its entry into airline service in the second half of 2006 with first operator Singapore Airlines.
-Courtesy Turn Key Travel: Phalaborwa

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