Discovering Letaba, Satara and Olifants Area

Discover the Mopaniveld area of Kruger Park. With detailed descriptions and maps of game viewing routes between Letaba, Satara, Olifants and Phalaborwa Gate as well as the types of wildlife in the area.
The best way to experience Engelhard Dam is along the S62, which runs east off the Letaba-Mopani Road just after Letaba River Bridge and along...
The area around Letaba has long been a site of human habitation. Archaeologists believe that some of the first Bantu-speaking people moving into southern...

Letaba to Mopani

Elephant calf

Elephant calf getting nudged along by mom

There is a single main road linking Letaba and Mopani camps, but there are a number of detours off this road including the Tsendze Loop and the Nshawu...

Letaba to Mozambique

Hyena and Pup

Hyena and Pup. G Cooke

The route between Letaba Camp and the Mozambique border post of Giriyondo includes the main Mopani Camp road (H1-6) and the Giriyondo Road (H15)...
There are two main choices travelling between Letaba and Olifants. These are the main Letaba-Olifants tar road (H1-5) and the slightly longer Letaba...

Olifants Area

Elephant and calf at river. G Cooke

Elephant and Calf at River at Sun-down. G Cooke

The landscape south of Olifants is unique to this part of Kruger, Olifants rugged veld is a rocky, wooded habitat that is a combination of knob-thorn...
The main route between Phalaborwa Gate and Letaba is the H-9 past Masorini. Alternatively one can take the S131 dust road, a road of featureless...

Phalaborwa to Mopani

Mopani Worm.

Mopani Worm. Brett Hilton-Barber

The most direct route between Phalaborwa and Mopani is the H14, which is also the main access road to Shimuwini and Boulders Camps. The longer route...

Phlaborwa Gate Area

Sable Ram

Sable Ram. G Cooke

The character of northern Kruger is entirely different from that of the south. This is because of the drier climate and the dominance of one main...

Tshokwane to Satara

Bat-earred Fox Pup

Bat-earred Fox Pup. G Cooke

The earth-shaking roar of a lion can be heard over five kilometres away; the lion's roar is the loudest vocal sound created by any felid...
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