Megan Emmett's Top Five Bush Facts

©Lynette Strauss

The way an animal looks is determined by its lifestyle needs. Take a kudu - it has large ears because it lives in thickets where sounds are muffled. They need to hear where danger is coming from. To complement this they have a deep warning bark because lower frequencies travel better through thick bush.

Their tails are snow white on the underside and when they flee they raise these as a follow me sign so the young can keep track of the adult but it also serves as a 'flash colouration device' in that the predator will focus on the white and as soon as the tail is dropped the predator loses its beacon and the kudu need only stand dead still to blend into the bush and be lost to the predator. The stripes on its sides are perfect for blending in - they break the outline of the animal and look like streams of mottled sunlight.

Jacket-plum fruit are delicious - if you can beat the monkeys to them!

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