Making a Difference in the Eyes of a Child

©Dorothy Stadler

A wise man once said, "Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression." At Skukuza Nursery School, we believe that a solid education is one of the best impressions we can make on the children of our local community.

Situated in the Skukuza Staff Village in the Kruger National Park, Skukuza Nursery School provides foundation-phase education to children of the village's staff. Registered with the Mpumalanga Education Department, Skukuza Nursery School is a non-profit organisation with one belief - Education is for all, regardless of social standings.

The school is currently attended by about 60 inquisitive, education-hungry children, ranging from infants to Grade 00-going age. However, because of financial constraints, there are still some children in our community that are unable to attend school. It is for this reason that management at Skukuza Nursery School constantly hosts fundraising initiatives aimed at raising money to sponsor these children - our future.

The money raised from these events also contributes to the operating expenses of the Nursery School. Our main sponsor is SANParks, who provides the facility from where the Nursery School is based.

The dedicated staff members at Skukuza Nursery School are united in their belief that education should be fun and accessible by all. Every single child that attends the school is a bundle of potentiality and the aim is to harness this potential through sound guidance, the provision of life skills and through continually improving our curriculum.

And you can help. Any donations in the form of money or prizes will be most welcome and appreciated. Skukuza Nursery School relies on sponsorship as its main form of income to make its goal of education for all a success.

For more information or to find out how you can contribute to making a difference in these children's lives, contact management at the school, Dorothy Stadler - Cell. 082 458 5543.

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