Stiffer Penalties for Poaching in Zimbabwe

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has announced new penalties for the poaching of wild animals, birds and fish with the fine for poaching rhinos pegged at a staggering US$120 000.The new penalties have been introduced following the repealing of Statutory Instrument 65 of last year.

According to Statutory Instrument 92 of 2009, Parks and Wildlife (Payment for hunting of animals and fish) Notice, 2009, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in terms of Section 104 (a) of the Parks and Wildlife Act, Chapter 20:14 declared that: "The amount specified in the second section of the schedule (below) shall in respect of the species and animal and fish specified in the first column of the schedule, be imposed in terms of section 104 (1) of the Act.'

Below are some of the animals and fish and the penalty/compensation a poacher will pay if convicted of killing the species. Failure to pay will attract a "suitable" prison term in line with the value of the animal or fish.Rhinoceros (Black) US$120 000, Rhinoceros (Square lipped) US$120 000, Pangolin US$500, Monkey US$300, Lion US$5 000, Kudu US$5 000, Elephant US$20 000, Fish Eagle US$100, Guinea Fowl US$50, Water Buck US$500, Zebra US$1000, Buffalo US$6000, Sable US$2000, Ostrich (egg) US$500, All Fish (dried/smoked per kg) US$3, Springbok US$500. The Zimbabwean

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