Mango will Operate 24 Hours a Day in 2010

MANGO has announced that it will operate 24 hours per day over the 2010 World Cup period next year.The service extension will include an extended schedule, charter operations as well as support services such as a call centre and Guest Services facilities open at all times.

According to the airline it expects a "massive uptake" in bookings following the final draw, due to take place on December 4, when match venues will be confirmed."Mango has planned substantially for the event. Mango will not be increasing its fares simply to cash in on the influx of tourists.

Instead, I believe this is an opportunity to showcase our country and not to leave visitors returning home with a negative perception," says Nico Bezuidenhout, Mango CEO. An updated schedule for flights over the tournament period is expected to be released by mid-November. + SA Tourism Online

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