Mabudhafasi Launches National Environment Month

"We must make cleaning our surroundings and the country to be our daily routine for the health of our citizens and the environment as spelled out in our constitution," said deputy minister of environmental affairs and tourism, Rejoice Mabudhafasi as she announced the beginning of environment month on June 2.

"International conservation experts found that global community dumps over 50 million tonnes of unused food each year to landfills. This appalling statistic of disposed food is caused by over-shopping." She says consumers are purchasing more food and goods than they need which causes over-production at a "colossal hidden cost to the environment."

Every year, the world population throws away 700 million slices of bread and other huge quantities of bakery goods, meat and fish, ready-made mixed food and unopened dairy products. This translates to households disposing one in every three shopping bags straight into Mabudhafasi launches national environment monththe bin.

Dumped food in landfills breaks down, potentially emitting methane gas which directly fuels climate change. This irresponsible attitude reverses the gains we are making in our efforts of averting climate change. "I would like to appeal to consumers to exercise sensitivity to our environment by embracing environmental friendly measures such as reducing the current high demand of goods, purchasing quantities of goods they really need and not to throw away leftovers. This is in line with the theme for this year which is All Hands on Deck - Towards a Low-Carbon Economy."

"Observing these measures will lead to reduction in food production, use of less energy at processing plants and a substantial cut in transportation energy and lesser environmental resources will be needed for storage rooms." "In turning the theme All Hands on Deck - Towards a Low-Carbon Economy into reality, South African environmental law enforcement officers, also known as the Green Scorpions, are busy monitoring industrial emissions levels to ensure permitted emissions standards are adhered. "

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