Magnets Replace Pins for New Sighting Boards

Gas supplier TotalGaz recently supplied replacement game sighting boards to all the camps in the Kruger National Park (KNP) in order to make game spotting easier for tourists. "We really appreciate this gesture as it will not only make it easier for our visitors to see game, but it also strengthens our relationship with one of our important business partners," said the KNP's managing executive, Dr Bandile Mkhize.

The sighting boards include a map of the area, plus photographs of seven key species - which include cheetah, leopard, lion, wild dog, buffalo, rhino, elephant - with the idea that visitors who see these animals can indicate on the map where they were spotted. As they now use magnetic markers as opposed to the older boards which used pins, it is believed that these new boards will not only last longer, but they will remain in good condition as they are more durable.

The sighting boards were handed over to Dr Mkhize on April 22, 2008 by outgoing TotalGaz managing director Hugo de Meyer. Sighting boards are situated at the reception building of all SANParks-managed rest and bush camps in the two million hectare KNP.

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