Western Cape HRs Nominated for Owl Award

The SANParks Honorary Rangers (HR) of the West Coast Region have been nominated for an Owl award from BirdLife SA, following their successful implementation and management of several birding activities on the west coast.

The Glendower Wader Bash, a highly successful annual birding weekend in the West Coast National Park (WCNP) has set a new national standard for such events over the last three years. The event also focuses on beginners, with guides being made available to assist learners. BirdLife South Africa (BLSA) has participated from the start.

The inaugural 'Welcome to the summer migrants' event, celebrating the annual return of waders and raptors to the area, was held in the WCNP recently. Birding enthusiasts welcomed the event, which is set to be held annually.The HRs managed the logistics and hosted a BLSA birding starter course, flight for beginners, with very positive feedback.

The corps was also instrumental in arranging and managing the launch of the Flamingo Birding Route at Veldrift. The HRs commitment to trainingwas further embedded by the annual month-long WCNP Bird Guide training course.

Under the management of Jenny Lodge, the region strived to continuously promote its birding message through posters for the eco-education centre and bird hides and also professionally assembled bird lists for the Park. An adult and a juvenile black harrier, both found as R27 road kill, have been mounted for display at Geelbek to highlight the predicament of this rare species worldwide.

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