Have you Seen These Butterflies?

© Karl Svendsen

February to April and even May are the best times for butterflies. Then the rains have come and all is green and flourishing - a perfect oasis for butterflies. In 1978 when JJ Kloppers' Butterflies of the Kruger National Park appeared, some butterflies had been discovered that were new finds to South Africa. Currently it is endeavoured to see if these butterflies and some extras have been spotted in the KNP. Other butterflies were, and still are very rare. Are they still around?

At the onset it must please be kept in mind that NO-ONE is allowed to step out of a vehicle, therefore it is suggested to photograph butterflies in the different rest camps. This is an opportunity for the young ones, or even young at heart to go about the rest camps and see which butterflies they can photograph and perhaps identify.

The general public's assistance in this regard would be very helpful indeed in surveying whether these butterflies are still around. If anyone can find them, the best is to photograph them on digital, or otherwise, for easy identification.

It is suggested to try and photograph both upper and undersides of the butterfly for easier identification of closely related species. Include the date and location in the KNP where the butterfly was spotted and e-mail them to the below address. Alternatively images can also be mailed to the box address. Kindly include your own contact details.

Contributions in this regard will be highly appreciated and all credit and recognition will be given to the photographer. It would be appreciated if the rarer species enjoy priority.

Some species have not been recorded from the KNP before and it would be a first! Happy 'snap-hunting'! 

By Herbert Otto

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