New Doors for Letaba Elephant Hall

© Roger de la Harpe

It turned out to be quite a mission finding new doors and replacing the old ones at the elephant hall in Letaba Rest Camp, but "well worth the effort," according to Piet Andjelkovic, chairperson of the Bushveld Region of the Honorary Rangers (HR) who were instrumental in the final fitting of the doors.

Kirsty Redman, interpretative officer in the Nxanatseni region, approached the Bushveld Region Honorary Rangers for assistance as the 'old doors were looking sad and worn, not befitting the relics that they were supposed to protect.

The tusks in the hall are priceless and a national treasure and need to be protected for generations to come,' says Piet The HRs took up the challenge and after quite an extensive search, a matching pair was eventually decided upon.

Pleas for financial assistance went out and the public responded well. 'Remarkably, the biggest single donor does not even reside in Africa, but is from the Netherlands,' says Piet. 'The HR contributed to the public's fundraising effort and a local carpentry company was contracted to fit the doors in their rightful place.'

The Bushveld Region HRs would like to thank one and all who contributed to the project, commending also the public's response to the SMS competition and the dedication of the project leader, Quintin Vermaak.

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